Streetscapes of Porto

The first thing you notice in Porto are the stunning tiled buildings. Every house seems to have a unique tile colour and pattern.

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Hiking from Krossbu to Skogadalsbøen, Norway.

This time last year we went hiking in Norway using their mountain huts for accommodation. A lot of them have unpronounceable names as you can see from the title of this post. Having never done any wilderness hiking I was a really nervous (Edd of course didn’t think it was a big deal). Having been unable to find much information about the hikes or the DNT huts from the local turistatjon at Krossbu, I thought I would let you know the details.   Continue reading “Hiking from Krossbu to Skogadalsbøen, Norway.”


The tiny archipelago of the Azores are a set of mystical islands set half way into the Atlantic. After a four and a half hour flight from Porto we catch sight.  These tiny pinpricks as seen from the sky belie the grand mountains that lie beneath the ocean.  They were created fifteen millennia ago by volcanos and wikipedia tells me that they are taller than Everest if measured from sea bed to tip. I will take its word.

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