Streetscapes of Porto

The first thing you notice in Porto are the stunning tiled buildings. Every house seems to have a unique tile colour and pattern.

tiles tiles tiles

We only had a day to explore before flying to the Azores. We spent the time wandering and admiring the wonderful facades and stunning colour combinations.

salmon pink brown green ironwork wild plants in porto

There was a hipster vibe and excellent coffee.

Loads of pretty coffee shopsL1040211

Some buildings were beautifully faded and others recently renovated.



Extraordinary ironwork framed huge windows and tall elegant front doors.

Ach the facades of Porto!Turquoise tiles in portoTile style in porto

Colour clashing seemed to be encouraged with brown, pink and green close together.

Pink tile house facade in Portopainted building facade in porto

This is a city that seems to be led by design, architecture, workmanship and delicious food.

Most of the streets are cobbled. Excellent restaurants are everwhere.ironwork details in portoAwwww - green tiles in Porot

I can’t recommend Porto enough to anyone interested in beautiful design or in need of inspiration.


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