Cycling on Inishmore, Ireland

Hi and welcome back.  Yet another island this time (perhaps this blog should be called the island explorer!?!). This time we are on the beautiful and remote island of Inishmore off the west coast of Ireland.


We grabbed a ferry from Rosaveal (about 30 minutes in the car from Galway city). There are busses from Galway but we drove and parked just opposite the ferry terminal.

Years ago I did the same trip during which a search and rescue helicopter carried out a practice session on the moving ferry. They roped down a stretcher and rescuer and winched it both up again. It was very cool. That didn’t happen today.


We hired some bikes from the ferry terminal (£10 each) and zoomed off away from the crowds (joke -the place is pretty much empty – just how I like it!). I would definitely recommend cycling. The little roads are empty and you will see so much more of the island. Plus cycling is fun! I am so happy when cycling that I find it almost impossible to stop smiling.


We stopped at beaches and admired the views. And saw little planes come in to land at the tiny airport.


Narrow little grassy paths mazed their way through the stone walls and stoney plots. And the ox-eyed daises were out in full bloom.




On empty beaches we ran around like headless chickens excited to be on our own with so much space.


Edds mountain bike came in handy with the grassy paths, but my granny bike with basket didn’t fare too well. I couldn’t resist the granny bike and basket! I have a very practical bike at home so this was a little treat!edd-grassy-pathEdd-Bike-Beach


There is a stone fort at the tip of the island called Dun Aeonghus. Go check it out!  The sheer cliffs are awesome – next stop America!


If it weren’t for the weather we could be in the Caribbean!


I really enjoyed our trip here – if you’re in the area – definitely make the effort to visit – it is well worth a day trip at least!


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