Glamping in Scotland

Are we mad?

Yes, probably. The husband (he gets called this when I am cross) secretly booked a night of glamping in the middle of nowhere during the stormiest patch of weather of our 2 week holiday. I was furious to put it mildly but it ended up being a bit special. And I got to stay in a really nice hotel afterwards to make up for it :).

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the encampment:


We had the place to ourselves – obviously – who else would bother camping in this weather. We had a cool little camp with a few tents and a caravan in which to escape the cold and the rain. I was very temped to sleep in the caravan.


In fact we weren’t alone – we had some lovely hens to keep us company.

Don’t be fooled by how cute the inside of the tent looked – it was cold and damp!


But don’t worry, after a hefty battle with the stove – I brought it to life with a great big roaring fire.


In no time we were absolutely baked!!


And had to open the door to cool down – except then the hens wanted to get in so I had to sit on guard!IMG_6792

The weather turned just as we set out for our walk…


But we were prepared!!


Full wet weather gear is an absolute must for holidays in northern Europe!


Check us on our little jaunt to the seaside.




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