Island hopping in Scotland

Welcome to Iona!!  Isn’t she a beauty!!

Beach - Iona

However don’t be fooled by that beautiful turquoise sea and softy sandy beach. She is a hardy soul. Beautiful but tough.

The weather rolled in from the sea in all shapes and forms. One minute blue skies and the next it was heaving with rain. We could actually see the showers approaching in the distance.

Rain coming in from the sea - Iona

We circled the island seeking out beaches. Stopping every now and again to admire the view.

Edd - Iona

The island is reached by ferry from Oban, first stop is Mull, and on the other side of that island we got another smaller boat to Iona. There’s not a huge amount to see on the Island but it is lovely all the same.

Next stop was Staffa – home to Fingals Cave.

Staffa-Fingals Cave

Another short ferry hop away. Our little boat attracted some attention and we were chased by dolphins – leaping out of the water!

dolphin leaping - iona

The rock formations of Staffa were created by a volcano millennia ago. The lava cooled and created these hexagonal columns. The same formations can be seen on the Giants Causeway across the sea in Northern Ireland.

Rock formations staffa

Legend has it that the causeway was built by an Irish giant called Finn MacCool. He challenged Benandonner a Scottish Giant to a fight and built the causeway to allow them to meet. Finn found Benandonner sleeping and realised that he was far bigger. Finn then tricked him by pretending to be a baby. Benandonner thought that if the child was that big, Finn must be enormous. He then ran away in fear destroying the causeway in his wake.

Fingals Cave

The waves entering the cave create the sound of an organ. It has inspired poets, composers and writers.

port and boat at Staffa

The island is meant to be a haven for puffins but sadly we couldn’t find any. Although we did scour the island for them.


All we found were a few seagulls.

view of the dutch cap

In the distance you can see another island called the dutchman’s cap due to the strange shape.

middle path -iona

After that we went home again via Iona and Mull and back to our B&B in Oban.

lambs - Iona

We passed some lovely fluffy white lambs.

priory - iona

The priory on Iona – settled by that Monk Aidan that I mentioned in the Lindisfarne post.

more rainbows - iona & mull

It was a day of rainbows – they were all over the place.

edd & I - Iona

Edd and the Rainbow

Grumpy looking Edd on the ferry as yet another squall is on its way.

Edd on the homeward ferry

Looking a tad more cheerful 🙂

lighthouse on the way to Mull

Lighthouse on the way back to Oban.

Sun going down over Oban - on the way home

And the sun sets on an island hopping day – Scottish style.IMG_6575

And lastly – our lovely B&B overlooking Oban harbour.



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