Colombia Road Art

On Sunday I visited Colombia road market to pick up some flowers and got completely side tracked by this amazing artist!

Have you heard of her? Rebecca Louise Law?

Wowzers rarely have I been so captivated by a gallery and funnily enough after seeing her website I have realised that twice that morning I was pulled by invisible strings into shops showcasing her work. It is magical!

These photos don’t do it justice. I would love to be able to hang some of her work in my home so that I could appreciate it every day.

Check out the link to her website for better and more extensive photos of her work.


the bell jars hold a collection of dried flowers and sea shells suspended using copper wire. The float as if suspended in air or undersea. IMG_0660

The display cabinet in the background is backed in mirror further giving the impression of levitation and suspension in time and place.IMG_0666

I had the gallery to myself for 5 magical minutes before it pulled in more admirers. IMG_0670

I wonder do the flowers fully fade, decay and disintegrate over time?IMG_0678IMG_0679

There is something macabre about the pinned foliage and butterflies and dark cases yet still full of life, almost thriving.IMG_0680IMG_0684IMG_0685

I especially loved this one in the brass case with mirror backing. IMG_0695IMG_0661

The dark wooden carved cabinets and tables added to the theatre of the room.IMG_0676

In the back room you can see a statue haloed in flowers and a screen with more flowers suspended within.

This place is amazing. Check it out if you can or keep an eye on the artists website to find installations worldwide.

East London is full of creatives. This shop front is one of my favourites. I think it must be an installation art piece by a local artist as it is ever changing and never open. Again the photos don’t do it justice but it is heart achingly beautiful. It’s at the top of brick lane and across the road.


How about an indoor scented Jasmine? Why not!!DSC00608

Also, a quick tip on Colombia road – most people go early but if you are interested in getting a good deal – leave your purchases until around 3.30 when the stall holders are closing up for the day – most things are 2 bunches for £5 at that stage. Some great deals to be had!

And last but not least, I met this guy on my way to the British Museum – but more of that another day.



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